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Simon Says: Top Three Wellness Tips

For more wellness, for more happiness in our lives, I definitely and strongly recommend we revisit these three areas in our lives. 

Sleep. Meditation. Exercise. 

Yes, these three items require us to set aside time and schedule it into our daily lives. But, when you do do it, it is almost guaranteed to make everything better. When you interview a successful person what is the one thing that contributed to their success, chances are it will be one of these. 

For more wellness, for more happiness in our lives, I definitely and strongly recommend we revisit these three areas in our lives.

Sleep. Meditation. Exercise.

Yes, these three items require us to set aside time and schedule it into our daily lives. But, when you do do it, it is almost guaranteed to make everything better. When you interview a successful person what is the one thing that contributed to their success, chances are it will be one of these.

Sleep. Sleep is so underrated. So underrated that I cannot understand it. I mean, how does one function without at least 8-10 hours of solid sleep at night. I mean, function properly. Smoothly. Like nothing in your life can ever go wrong kind of properly. I can make do with a minimum of 4 hours but you definitely will not be seeing the me who is striving, thriving, and performing at 100%. Chances are you will come across the cranky, sour, easily agitated, minimal creativity, negative Nancy me and so much more!

When you think about it, no car can run forever without refuelling. Our mobile phones cannot function perpetually without being recharged. Why on earth than do we humans think that we are somehow super humans who can function without minimal to no sleep?! Sleep is often the first thing we sacrificed when we are short of time. Truth is, this is probably the biggest non-negotiable we should be keeping sacred!

Without referring to science or any scientific studies, we all know that when we have had a good night’s sleep, we just feel a 100% better. We have all felt it before, whether or not we would like to admit it. You probably will not need a 10 hours snooze but you definitely a good quality snooze. The one thing I could not recommend enough is installing a sleep app on your smart phone. I personally use, Good Morning. You simply placed your device near or under your pillow so that the app can record any movement or noise throughout the night to determine if we are awake, in light sleep or in deep sleep. This later on generates a score of our sleep quality. You want a good or great night sleep! I also recommend turning your phone into a pure sleeping app device i.e. turn on Flight Mode or Do Not Disturb simply to avoid excessive radio magnetic waves being so close to your head!

Meditation. We spoke about before about this M word. It is simply tried and tested. It is also not as daunting as you would think! Everyone would have started their own meditation and mindfulness journey in their own ways. For the beginner, I really recommend some guided meditation. One of the popular apps out there is Insight Timer. You can choose from a variety of time duration to include meditation in your daily routines. And truth is. Even a 5 minute practice will lighten you up, give you more clarity, inject more calmness, sharpen your thinking and so much more!

There are now so many types of meditation practices and offerings out there. There is bound to one for you personally. Maybe you are into chakras. Maybe loving kindness is your thing. Maybe there is just that one soothing voice you can resonate with more than others. There is bound to be one! It has to be! You simply just have to put the initial ground work at the start and begin to reap the benefits on an ongoing basis. It is like searching for an apartment to live in. It is bound to take some work, some searching, and some digging in the process, but once we found it, it is time to make a home sweet home out of our place.

​Exercise. I seriously and personally think that exercise is ecstasy. People out there don’t simply claim ‘movement is medicine’ or ‘motion is lotion’ simply for the fun for it, or that it sounded cool, or that because it rhymes, or anything like that. It is because there is so much truth to it. Scientifically, exercise releases endorphins and dopamines, which are feel good hormones. We may not feel like it leading up to our exercise but chances are we always come out the other end beaming and glowing. Two things we do need to knuckle down are time of the day and types of exercise.

Not everyone is born an early bird and not everyone enjoys an evening workout because it might keep them up during the night etc. So the first thing to really pin down is your own exercise clock. Is it best that you get it out of the way before hitting other items on your to-do list? Do you respond best if you are able to break your day into two halves and slot your workout during lunchtime? Or do you simply have the best piece of mind when it is at the end of the day after work which might also helps you sleep better? Get this right because it needs to fit with how you function. Otherwise, you are going to find any excuse under the sun to skip your workout.

Speaking of excuse, if you found something you truly enjoy then instead of avoiding it, you will be anticipating for it. So naturally, we have to find something which tickles our fancy. There is really no excuse here. It is 2018 and there is so much out there! From the good ol’ spin class, to group exercise classes, to yoga, to barre, to dance, to running groups, to personal training to Crossfit, to F45, to strength training…the list is virtually endless! Look for something that you truly enjoy. With the help of technology such as apps and YouTube and Google, exercise and workouts are now so readily available. The key is search for a movement-based activity we can enjoy. Which means, it doesn’t even have to be confined with the brick and mortar called a gym. It could be dance studio. It could be outdoor bootcamp. Swimming. You name it, I bet there is something for you.

There you have it. My three tips for more wellness and happiness in our lives. Which is what Living Simply Simon is based on at the end of the day. Active wellness. Because it is all holistic and interconnected. And it will all come full circle at the end of the day. Until next time, get more sleep in your life, try out guided meditation, and move more daily for more wellness and happiness in your life!


PS you can now also checkout my new personal solo show podcast, https://anchor.fm/simon-ngo/embed/episodes/17-May-2018—Pilot-Episode-e1fvgj” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Pilot Podcast – Happiness Made Simple! I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!


Who Do You Think You Are?

Have you ever wondered this question in your head?

“Who the actual f*ck am I to deserve this?” Or something along these lines?

People will often think that as someone who has to stand on stage everyday to teach group fitness class that I will be full of confidence. Full of confidence to be commanding others how to move safely and effectively. Full of confidence to be coaching others to give beyond what they are capable of during the class. Well, that part, actually yes.

The part where I think I am one of the best. Where I think I am just as good, if not better, than my peers. The part where I think I deserve to shine too. Where I think I can be successful. Where I think I am ready to put myself into the spotlight. NO WAY! BIG NO NO!

Secretly (well not so secretly anymore since I am sharing this the entire world wide web!), is that I am a person with the lowest self esteem ever! Like, I am never good enough or good enough just yet. Like, if people question me, I would flinch and possibly jump straight to agreeing with them rather than standing my ground and voicing my opinions. Like my way of doing things is actually inferior to others. This was actually haunting me a good few years.

Like, no matter how good or how experienced am I in my field, I still always doubt myself and think that others are better. Are they really better or are they simply more willing to speak up? I guess their willingness to speak up is kinda like already better than me. The taking ownership of their own identity. I was struggling. No. Correction. I was simply drowning under my own self-sabotaging and my own voice that says back to me, ‘Simon, who the f*ck do you think you are?”.

So I will constantly trying to get good. To improve. To learn. To develop. To grow.

But then, it got me thinking. What is the point of piling these up if I never to share it with the world?! I mean, I don’t have to be right all the time. Do I? I just have to be authentic  in my views and opinions. To have my own view points on the world. I figured, it is not even about whether or not I am knowledgeable enough at the of the day. It is about if I actually have a stand on things. On how I teach classes. On how I conduct business. On how I voice myself. On how I deal with others. On how I conduct myself. Really. Do I even have an identity whom I can fall in love with? With myself?

Two years ago, when I was competing in the Crossfit Open, I decided that I would document my journey each week with a Facebook Live. That I would share my experience on the specific workout. What my lessons were during the WOD? What has it taught me from the sweaty battle into my day-to-day life? After six continuous weeks of putting myself out there, that voice surfaced again. ‘Who the f*ck do you think you are Simon to even be doing this?” “Who cares?” “Why are you so narcissistic thinking people would watch this?” So eventually, I fully stopped.

Stopped. Even though deep down I know that it was giving my joy. Even though it was raising my vibrations. It was making me lighter. It was giving me meaning. And something to look forward to each week when it came the time to make a live video.

Then, 18 months later. Some of my Facebook friends managed to come across these lives from two years ago. They liked it. They commented nice messaged on it. It came to my attention via my news feeds. Out of curiosity, I re-watched them all. Then, it HIT ME! I had such pearls of wisdom when I was doing these live videos! Yes, the lighting could have been better. The sound quality. How I presented myself. Etc. Etc.

The base of it all though, was some solid meaningful messages. I feel like, even I could learn something from the ME two years ago. Then, the little warm and fuzzy in me surfaced. I am indeed loving myself at that very moment. I was in love with the me from the past!

Whether it was just random rambling, whining, whinging, or ranting, as some people would put it. It was mine. My rambling. My whining. My whinging. My ranting. Except. It was my messages. My lessons to share. My view on the world. My perspective on things. I had a stance. I had a voice. I had an opinion. And, it finally struck me! And, it was all VALID!

So you know what. I don’t f*cking care anymore who the f*ck to you think I am! I am just gonna do it anyway. Because, this is me. My life. My views. My voice. My stance. You don’t have to agree. You don’t have to like it. But you certainly cannot stop my from existing! Because, who the f*ck to YOU think YOU are…???!!


Leap of Faith..? Part 1

Leap of faith? Is that even a real thing? So what the heck is my story and how on earth did I actually end up here to become a lifestyle and wellness coach? 

Leap of faith? Is that even a real thing? So what the heck is my story and how on earth did I actually end up here to become a lifestyle and wellness coach?

Well, leap of faith can happen multiple times in our life, right? Like more than once? Well, if not, then I think I’m screwed. Because I have just taken my second leap!

The first leap I ever took in my life was my big move from Canberra (that is the national capital of Australia for all you international folks out there) to Sydney (that is the city with the harbour bridge and Opera House…now I’m just being smartass and condescending). Jokes aside, my move was basically done in ten days. 10. TEN. That was all!

It was at a point in my life where almost nothing was actually in alignment and giving me happiness and joy.

My job. Exactly like it sounded and spelled, it was a job rather than a career. I was craving something which I would happily jump out of bed to live my day for.

My relationship. What relationship? You know that feeling when you have just broken with whom you thought was the love of your life and you will never love again and probably would just just grow to become a crazy cat lady? Yeah, it was that moment.

My finances. Nothing was really working. I was way too young too stupid to be in ownership of that magical spending card called a credit card. Therefore, I was drawing in debt very much Becky Bloomwood in “The Confessions of a Shopaholic” minus the signature green scarf and the hot boss-turned-husband who thought I could fluently converse in Finnish.

So at the ripe age of 22, what was the meaning of life in the capital city of Australia which others would happily mistaken as a giant freeze hole when winter arrives?! So I rang up one of my best friends who was living in Sydney at the time and simply said “I’m moving to Sydney!”. She was probably apprehensive and thinking to herself ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, here he goes again..”.

The only difference was I actually did it this time around. I quit my job. I have no boyfriend. I am pretty much broke. So I followed this by ending my lease at my apartment located at the hippy suburb of Braddon. I sold everything I have ever owned which I have decided not to bring along with me. I ended up with one car load of possessions and precisely $263 in my pocket. No more, no less.

10 days after hanging up from that phone call, one of my close uni friends at the time, drove me in his car full my belongings, me and my $263 to this old, borderline dodgy share apartment in the suburb of Artarmon. I didn’t have a job in Sydney just yet but I managed to have paid for this place for a month in advance from my grand sale.

That should be fine, right? Well, if it didn’t, you are probably now reading to the ghost of Simon. Because, that was in 2014! So I guess, I landed. Did I have faith when I leaped? Pfft, who were you kidding?! Broke, no boyfriend, jobless, $263 in my pocket… I had better things to worry about than having faith..


The M Word

I know I know..it’s the M word that get thrown around a lot whether it is on podcasts, interviews, books, the internet in general, and more.. truth is, it is because it works.

So what exactly is meditation and mindfulness? Do we really have to be a monk/nun in the mountains completely zen-like levitating against gravity?

Truth be unveiled…not really! There are so many types of meditation and mindfulness techniques out there and it is about finding the one tool which suits your lifestyle, routine, way of thinking so that we can easily slot these practices into our day to day lives.

Here are the three ways I consciously inject and infuse some me and down time into my life.

1. Shhhh in the morning
Although I am an early riser, I am definitely not a morning talker or doer. I am almost what one would say antisocial. My mornings upon waking up are pretty sacred. I purposely dedicating this time to being fully present – whilst making my morning coffee, whilst drinking it, whilst watching the silence outside my apartment. My housemates fully know that I don’t interact in the morning, for the first 30-60 minutes at least. It is pure presence, almost like an active meditation.

2. Belly breath
Throughout the day, I usually do a quick check in with how I am feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. I check in with whether I am breathing through my ribs or through my belly. Taking these moments as mini reset throughout the day so keep up the energy level and feel good factor.

3. Just sit
This is my nighttime routine after the oral care and nightly cream and serum to the face. I just sit. In my bed. Sometimes eyes open, sometimes closed. Taking this as a moment to be grateful and truly thankful for everything that has happened that day. It always makes me feel instantly that I have had a good day.

If this has got you intrigued already, come along to  “Yinning and Winning – Art of Slowing Down” where we come to terms with stillness and silence.

In need of something more yang and fierce, the newly curated “Dragon Time Vinyasa Flow Masterclass” is sure winner to rinse and flow to a juicy sequence. Finally, you deserve a treat and you deserve to be happy! Our signature active wellness retreat in Bali, The Authentic Happiness Retreat might just be what you need!

Good things are meant to be shared. Please forward to a dear friend you know could benefit from this to continually grow our community.



Slowing Down and Breathe

Slowing Down and Breathe. Find out how I do it and come along to do it with me.

Hmm. slowing down and breathe….

The two things which are usually easier said than done. Well, certainly for me at least. As you already know, I like to have it all. In a fast-paced world where 24 hours never seem enough, how do we actually slow down and breathe?

Well, we just gotta do it. No car goes on forever without a fuel stop. No human functions continuously without sleep. Safe to say, our mental wellbeing does not stay in the healthy state without slowing down. And it goes without saying that it won’t be easy at the start but you just gotta start.

Similar to quitting sugar, alcohol, drugs, or starting a new routine of fitness, gym, and exercise, it is bound to be uncomfortable to begin with. Like long distance running or swimming, once you get past the inertia, you will be in this steady state flow. The good thing though about slowing down is that you are almost always guaranteed to feel better afterwards!

So how did I get into my slowing down to happen in my life? Well, via something called Yin Yoga. This is a yoga style where we actually do most, if not all, of the poses laying down either on our backs or fronts. More often than not, the whole practice is also supported by multiple props. This is so both us and our muscles can focus on relaxing in the shape as opposed to having to figure out how to hold the shape. This further on allows the relaxation to happen which is the whole main goal in my own practice.

The real interesting fact about Yin Yoga is that we aim to tension past the muscles deep into our connective tissues, fascia, ligaments, bones, tendons etc. On top of that, the real mysterious part of this practice can also induce a Traditional Chinese Medicine acupunture-type effects. Simply by just holding the poses for usually about 3-5 mins with the odd occasion for even longer holds up to 8-10 mins. When you are sitting the pose for this amount of time, it is hard not to breathe. Otherwise, we can get real fidgety, which defeats the purpose, as stillness is the way in for inducing that deep sensation beyond our superficial muscles.

So there you go! My kill-two-birds-with-one-stone approach to slowing down and breathe. Yin Yoga.

Good things are meant to be shared right? So, I am doing so. Sharing the goodness of this practice on me via an open masterclass, Yinning and Winning: Art of Slowing Down. Check it out at my events page here.

I would love to hear about how you slow things down in your life and take the time to breathe. So please comment. If you are interested in connecting further, get on to my mailing list where I regularly share lifestyle and wellness tips.


Ooops! I did it again..

So ooops! I totally did it again. I have once again totally ignored you lot for an extended period of time.

Well, I’m sorry but this gurl was fully bombarded by life happenings and many little projects in life. I promise, yes, PROMISE (pinky and hands on heart style) that I will be publishing a post AT LEAST once a week! Whoop!

So what has been happening since the last time we spoke? Well, there is Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2018, organising my retreats, arranging events for mini workshops, learning more about coaching, learning more about gut health and the digestive system, learning more about essential oils, had my Les Mills Try Outs, went to Les Mills BODYATTACK 100 filming in Auckland, New Zealand, just to name a few! Even I am exhausted now already just listing them out. Phew!

So where do we start today?

How about we speak about personal growth?

This is one is totally very personal to my heart. It is about owning our stories and taking full ownership of our authentic self. This is something that I do with my clients a lot to unlock potential, to achieve breakthroughs, and therefore, leading to positive transformations.

Guess who was the biggest hypocrite of them all? ME, yeah a BIG FAT me!

Well, unintentionally. This is usually some form of actions, thoughts or reactions of un- or sub-conscious nature.

So I guess the title was fitting today. Because, I did it again for a long time. Questioning myself and not believing in myself for the longest drag of six months.

When I first came on board to become a yoga teacher with Power Living, everyone around, I guess, believed in me BUT me! I was the newcomer to the team who suddenly jumped the gun, got attention, and was being given up the opportunity to step in when senior and lead teachers were away. In my own head, I was like…WHHHHHHHAAAAATTTTT! No, I’m new and I definitely should pay my dues so to speak to earn my way there. So, did I step up to my own potential? Well, that would be an easy NO!

This lack of self-belief and self-esteem ultimately creeped its way into questioning whether or not I should even be teaching yoga when class attendance was a little low which I might or might not even have a say of! I mean, I definitely don’t control the weather, nor do I get to decide when the long weekends, public holidays and so on on the calendar.

So teaching became a challenging thing for me. It became one of those things where I would question if I ticked all the boxes required to conduct a good decent class. Where I would be super critical in my delivery and sometimes on the verge of choking or just about to break down mid class.

The blessing in disguise was that the studios had a timetable and teacher reshuffling which saw not holding any permanent class for months. And during this time, it really hit me. Was my teaching bad? Am I a terrible teacher? The story goes on..

One day, it hit me! I will never be as good as any other teachers out there. I can never as good if I am not teaching from my truest authentic place. I mean, you certainly won’t see Beyonce holding a concert and she trying to perform like Lady Gaga! So what on earth was I doing? Students want to see the Simon teaching, feel the Simon’s presence, experienced the Simon-way to practicing yoga!

So I embraced my identity. I will present the ME students want to get to know about.

Practice really does make perfect.

Six months later, I am truly comfortable in doing so. How do I know that? I have had teachers coming into my classes for the past month, week after week in a row and I can proudly say that I haven’t flinched and I haven’t cared what they think about me – the so-called getting out of my head.

I am fully owning it now. This is who I am. This is how I teach. This is how I present myself. This is my breakthrough. This is my own journey of transformation.


I Want It All.. (Part 2)

And then I got thinking, what would be my perfect lifestyle? Well, I know what it would look like, feel like and to be lived? Question is, is this perfect lifestyle picture that I have been painting my whole life, because that is what the colour palettes and painting guidelines I have been given by the society, really achievable? Is there such thing like a perfect life?

My perfect routine would have consisted of me waking up all bliss in the morning. Headed off to a yoga class to ‘open’ my day so to speak before catching up for coffee and breakfast with close friends. To follow, would be my morning beauty routine to apply essential oils on myself, before hitting the home office or the office ‘on-the-road’ aka my MacBook or iPad for some business agendas. After a nutritious, all-greens, lactose-free, gluten-free, but definitely not fun-free lunch, I would hit the workout deck Crossfit style. If there is a workout, then there absolutely needs to be a post-workout coffee/smoothie/recovery right? Then, I would hit some more ‘work’ before allowing myself to start the winding down process ready for a book, yes, a book, not tv, not internet, not anything else, but a book wiht a hot cup of tea, to finish off the day and to start off my slumber before repeating it all over again the following day.

Sounds pretty good, aye?


What is the one missing component in this picture?

Where? And, I mean, where do I slot in the things I love doing on a daily basis? Whether that is yoga, barre or Les Mills group fitness classes, these are often on a peak slots where it doesn’t fit in my perfect lifestyle picture!

So, can we have it all? Can I have it all? Do I want to have it all?

And soon..

This became the obsession of ‘How can I have it all?”

Well, well, that is one-million-dollar-puzzle everybody else is trying to figure out, isn’t it?

Visualise and act, my dear reader friends. Sometimes, all we need is we just need to know our dream and lifestyle fantasy is not totally and utterly unachievable.

I am doing what I love. I am enjoying life. I am living life. Isn’t that all we can ask for on a daily basis? Happiness and abundance are totally up to us how to live through our dreams and fantasies. Even if it is only a minute a day of ‘feeling and sensing’ a snippet of our dream life. Hmm. I think I can be content with that. Amidst this world where 24 hours are never enough, where there are more goals to achieve that we can dream of, so on and so forth. How about you?

How do you want it all and are you having it all in your lives?


Can We Have It All..?? Part I..

You know the feeling of wanting it all. The feeling that cooking up a storm like Nigella Lawson should be as happy and light as the cleaning up afterwards as a domestic Goddess but then, why does it feel so dreadful when it comes to the dishes? Is it because you never see Nigella herself doing any of these after she sprinkles beautiful English literature on her un-pretentiously prepared meals? That feeling of wanting a tanned olive skin without giving ourselves the horrible sunburn and potential skin cancer or exposing ourselves to who-knows-what chemicals in those temptingly packaged and bottled fake tan solutions. You know? Why can’t we just have it all? The good without the bad. The ups without the downs in life. I mean, isn’t that what we all strive for anyway in the end in life. To be happy. To stay happy. So why all the downer?

In 2016, life and work were taking me on an all-the high. Embarked on 48 take-offs and landings in 365 days that year has fast-tracked from zero to hero. In aviation frequent flyer terms, that means from a nobody-just-practically-anybody-everyday-Bronze to the almighty-look at me-everything premium-GOLD! I mean, how does one say no to not queueing up at check-ins, fast track lanes to clear security, serviced lounge to await your boarding, high priority to board, first dibs on the front section of the plane, simply to name a few. Well, that is all about to change soon-ish unless I do something about it.

2017 was the year which I decided I should live my yoga to another level. Decided that I would embarked on a minimalist journey and do something about my financial situation, that was the year of social hiatus. No pool parties, no flying just because I can, no business class upgrades just because I am that lucky of a bastard, no planned holidays every 90 days to reset my game etc. That also kinda meant if I continued my social hiatus, soon enough and sure enough I will be bumped back to Bronze from Gold.

Sitting in the Qantas International Business Lounge awaiting to board my flight on February 1st in 2018, I can’t help wondering again. Can’t we just have it all? To be a minimalist yet frequent flyer. To be quite settled yet able to maintain the luxury of Gold Frequent Flyer status?

The next morning, after being slightly lost walking from my friend’s place in Auckland to the train station (which by now this is not surprising as you never want Simon navigating which is safe to save aside for another blog entry on its own), I finally managed to settle into the middle carriage of the train to take me from the suburbs into the city. Sitting and observing, I simply thought WOW! Kudos to the Kiwis for getting those well-mannered and pleasant automatic announcements compared to the train lottery you might be playing as a passenger on Sydney trains. You could have an overly chirpy train driver making the announcement one ride, followed by a soulless voice the next ride to someone who as well be a robot if they continue to speak on the P.A. in that bland monotonous manner. But then, I thought. Is automation really better than the imperfect human touch? How can something so perfect feel so hollow and unfulfilling yet something imperfect you can apply your most humanely judgment and criticism on feel so warm and personal? Can we simply have it both ways? Yet again, can;’t we simply have it all?

Warning. Skip this paragraph if you cannot deal with someone talking about sex and relationships. As in stop reading now and move on to the next section. Well then, if you are intrigued to find out, I am more than delighted to share. As a gay man in a highly sexualised world, of course I have had my fair share. Not encounters, you silly! My fair share of highly sexual stories from my mates. From the everyday tame vanilla, to the most unimaginable kink you can ever (or never) think of. I mean, each to their own. And, who are we to judge right? But then, I can’t help ponder. What about the life long partnership and commitment? After all, isn’t what this casual hook up thing is all about? The try-before-you-buy so when you finally put a ring on it, at least you know that you have that chemistry underneath the sheets? Does marriage, like any other goods, come with a shelf life? Does that chemistry last forever until death do us part? Is this why couples cheat? To infuse and inject excitement back into their lives? Would people eventually stop caring and stop putting an effort in? After more than 10 years of sleeping with the same person, do you eventually run out of things to try and it just became boring? I mean, no one would every masturbation is boring. Isn’t just the same old hand/finger/whatever delivering the same old guaranteed results? Can we have it all? The zing of before the marriage and the comfort of having a ring on it?

And then it started to strike me.  Is the question more so “can we have it all?” or that it is more important to ponder upon the more relevant “do we need to have it all?”.


Where Have You Been..??

I know, I know..I totally did an MIA and did even say goodbye!

Well, sorry not sorry #demilovato

Sometimes you just gotta take a step back or, in my case, about 175 days away to gain some perspectives. What perspectives I hear you say?

Well, things like, am I going to continue writing? Should I be doing a vlog instead since I love the limelight of a camera lens and the camera loves me? Or maybe podcasting is the way to go because people get to hear me and listen to what have I got to say? Oh, and what about that book the publishers have been chasing me? But then again, this is me you’re talking about….

Why just do 1 when you can do them all? Like my life motto #2, ‘why blend in when you’re made to stand out?’

In case you’re wondering what life motto #1 was (and too bad if you weren’t because I’m gonna say it anyway as this gurl has got heaps to say after my hiatus!), my ultimate life motto is WORK HARD AND BE KIND TO OTHERS! That is a blog post for another day.

So back to the original story. The bottom line is that you can plan as much as you like in life but life has always got its own plans for you!

I was meant to finish my full time position with one of the major health clubs in Australia back in April! Then I was meant to be kickstarting retreats, having heaps of private  life coaching and yoga clients, totally meant to be doing Crossfit 5-days-a-week to look all buffed and masc, totally meant to be doing Yoga 6-days-a-week to become the most limber pretzel in my lifetime,  serving those FOUR jury duty summons I received throughout 2017, so on and so forth..!

Alas! One month from walking away from my job, I received a phone call asking me to return but on a part-time and contract basis. I mean, SCORE! Since that was what I totally wanted to ensure I spend more quality time building my own brand. What brand?!

Oh well, like I said, and I will say it again. You can plan but life had a different plan. My three month contract turned into five then into nine then into WHY-ON-EARTH-AM-I-STILL-DOING-IT?! type of conversation!

One thing for sure is that I was, and am, BLOODY good at what I do. It wasn’t the fact that there was no real development pathway that was a turn off in the first place. It was that I was totally too dedicated to lose the work/life balance!

So here you, that was where I have been! Going a trip full circle! What did they say? New year, new you? Let’s hope that life is planning for me what I have been wishing for in 2018!



Welcome: I am Simon

Why am I reading this?

Welcome to my blog. My name is Simon. A gaysian, a rebel, and most importantly not your typical and average person you will ever meet out there. An accounting  and finance graduate but decided that computers and cubicles aren’t for me after all so i swapped it for centre-stage, music and microphone to become a group fitness instructor and yoga teacher.

I decided to start a blog and write as I want to share my stories, partly to entertain, partly to inspire, but mostly I want you to know that whoever you are and wherever you are, and whatever has ever happened to you, you are never alone. It is easier to think that no one can understand the hardship we are going through. It is easier to isolate ourselves from the world and pretend the problem will improve by itself. The truth is, being an adult is some hard shit. But, guess what, all shit shall pass too and shall end up being flushed away.

Yes, I am only 27 years old and who am I to tell you about living life and all. Well, truth is, I am nobody to tell you that and you shouldn’t let anything run your life in the first place anyway! My two cents of a story is that my parents separated when I was a nine years old, neither wanted the children and I had to mature up extremely fast and I guess I turned out alright anyway today. I have been through the loneliest journey at the age of 23 deciding to move from Canberra to Sydney with one car load of belongings, exactly $239 in my pocket, no job, no long term home and no family. So if these have given you a sense of ‘wow’ so far, then you should bet your two cents that the upcoming posts will be just as inspiring. Otherwise, refunds are limited to two cents only as that was how much you invested! Happy reading from the not-your-average-Gaysian!


Set Your Day Up For Success

How do you start your day on a positive note?

The way we start the morning sets up the mood/energy for the whole day! So some self-care 101 strategies begin with allowing yourself some moments or opportunities to set your day right.

My Top 3 tips:

1. Have a warm nourishing drink and enjoy it in the moment with no distractions.

2. Start your day with a workout or Active movements. No need for anything too serious. Even some 10 mins of walking around the block will do the trick.

3. This is my new found favourite. Speak and strike a conversation with a stranger. Sounds odd but weirdly fulfilling. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think?

Set you days up for success and productivity! Light, happy, and stress-free life starts here.


“Average is a choice. Choose to be f*cking amazing!”